The EEC seeks to attract Japanese investors


The Eastern Economic Corridor Office and the Japan Foreign Trade Organization (Jetro) have pledged to work together to encourage Japanese companies and other businesses located in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to further exploit the digital manufacturing platforms to reduce production costs.

Kanit Sangsubhan, secretary general of the EEC office, said his office and Jetro aim to promote 10,000 factories in the EEC to turn their production into automation systems to reduce production costs by 30% by five. years.

Processing can lead Thai industries to rely on advanced technology that can generate higher value.

As part of the transformation, EEC, through a partnership with Jetro, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation and Burapha University, established the EEC Automation Park at Bang Saen in Chon Buri, where innovation in Automation and human resources can be developed to meet the needs of the industrial sector.

The launch of the EEC automation park is scheduled for next month. This automation park is one of three such installations in the EEC.

The automation park will provide refresher and retraining courses for engineers, highly skilled workers, university graduates and students to train in automation systems.

The EEC aims to produce 475,000 workers to supply the 12 target industries in five years while the automation parks will support the development of human resources to reach the target.

Mr. Kanit said the EEC is also working with Jetro, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to attract Japanese investment to Thailand and help Japanese companies use automation. .

The EEC has targeted 200 factories to implement automation systems next year and all 10,000 factories will be transformed into automation systems within five years.

He said Thailand’s investment in 5G, digital, smart factories, data centers, cloud services, digital platforms and automation is estimated at 500 billion baht over the next three years. .

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