The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas,



Below is a list of the best vegetarian restaurants in San Antonio, TX. To help you find the best vegetarian restaurants near you in San Antonio, TX, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of evaluation points.

The best vegetarian restaurants in San Antonio:

Our top rated vegetarian restaurants in San Antonio, Texas are:

  • Green vegetarian cuisine – serves herbal Southern Comfort favorites
  • Viva Vegeta – fresh pastries and daily specials
  • Thai Vegan – uses vegan proteins in stir-fries
  • Green vegetarian cuisine – offers a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and kosher menus
  • Indian cuisine Tarka – offers an incredible selection of spicy vegetarian and vegan dishes

Green vegetarian cuisine

Highly-rated vegetarian restaurants in san antonio, tx

Green vegetarian cuisine is San Antonio’s premier vegetarian restaurant. Located at Alamo Quarry Market and Alon Marketplace, this vegetarian restaurant has always been recognized and awarded as the best vegetarian restaurant in San Antonio. Plus, it’s consistently ranked in the San Antonio Express News Reader’s Choice Awards as antiallergic and healthy / light.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine serves your next favorite vegetarian menu, from its fried dill pickle spears, homemade cupcakes and cookies to its menu for all tastes certified kosher. Dine at your nearest green vegetarian restaurant and savor their plant-based interpretation of Texan foods!

Vegan dishes, kosher


Address: 255 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209
Telephone: 210-320-5865


“My family and I had the most enjoyable vegan lunch! Everything we tried was excellent. I’ve never tasted vegan cheese as good as they do (and it was herbal from cashews). Our chihuahua loved the vegan energy! – Collins Race

Viva Vegeta

Tex-Mex vegan cuisine in san antonio, tx

Viva Vegeta boasts of being the only 100% vegan and gluten-free restaurant in San Antonio. Their specialty is Portabella Chicharron Street Tacos, hailed as the best tacos in town as featured in San Antonio magazine. Plus, their menu extends to kids’ flavor profiles such as bean and cheese nachos, camote flautas, and picadillo tacos, all served with Mexican rice and charro beans. These start at $ 5.49 with the most expensive set at $ 10.99 from their specialty menu. Plus, with their Un Poco de Amor dish, you have the opportunity to donate and share the food with others!

Tex-Mex vegan dishes


Address: 1422 Nogalitos St, San Antonio, TX 78204
Telephone: 210-465-9233


“I love this restaurant. You can’t go wrong if you select the right items to match your tastes. Chicharrón mushroom street tacos are my favorite. Plus, the portion sizes are great for the price as well. I am considered an above average height guy and I walk away satisfied every time. In all of our visits, food was served within a reasonable time frame. The place has indoor and outdoor seating. In addition, I appreciate that they are proud to stand up for social justice. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to try a plant-based version of Tex-Mex cuisine. – Emeka Uzomba

Thai Vegan

Thai Vegetarian Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas

Thai Vegan isn’t just another Thai restaurant in the neighborhood. Created in 2017, they hope to be the benchmark restaurant for people hungry for Thai flavors but who want to eat healthy. As such, their menu includes wraps, soups, salads, noodles, curries, and burgers, among others. For desserts, they have the classic mango sweet rice and the banana taro sweet rice. Plus, their chef’s specials start at $ 13.45 with your lentil bread, chu chee, mushroom steak, and creamy chicken and four other entrees priced at $ 14.95.

Thai cuisine


Address: 15614 Huebner Rd # 113, San Antonio, TX 78248
Telephone: 210-257-0090


“I stopped by yesterday to try them out and was pleasantly surprised! I love Thai food and this place has all the classics and more because they are #vegan let you get your meat substitutes. I had their spicy soy shrimp noodles, their ‘chicken’ satay and even a Thai iced tea! All 100% vegan and delicious! I was particularly blown away by their “shrimp”. Amazing how they did this! They really look like shrimp and that made me guess. MDR! Unfortunately there is no dinner at the moment and they don’t have outdoor seating, but at least you can get your orders to go! ” – Christine S

Earth Burger

healthy burgers in san antonio, tx

Earth Burger is a 100% plant-based burger store with three locations in Texas. Their plant-based menu includes veggie burgers, sandwiches, CHIK-N-, healthy bowls, fries, and scones, among others. Plus, established in 2014 by the same founders of Green Vegetarian Cuisine, they aspire to be the country’s first plant-based drive-thru delivering a delicious, healthy, low-calorie menu for people on the go. In addition, the nutritional value of their burgers is detailed on their website. Experience healthy fast food at unbeatable prices, with Earth Burger behind the wheel now!

Chik-N- herbal, desserts, bowls and more


Address: Park North NW Loop 410 Shopping Center, Bldg. L-7, 818 I-410 Access Road, San Antonio, TX 78216
Telephone: 210-524-1086


“The vegan and vegetarian fast food is phenomenal !! We love this place, the earth burger is delicious, the quinoa burgers delicious, the spicy chicken sandwich is great, even the jackfruit barbecue sandwich is really delicious, surprisingly!
And don’t miss the coconut soft serve: it’s a must-have every time we go! – Jared Kelsey

Tarka Indian Cuisine

Best indian vegan restaurants in san antonio, tx

Indian cuisine Tarka has 9 locations throughout Texas offering fresh, healthy and tasty authentic Indian food. These include curries, kebabs, biryanis and a selection of freshly baked flatbreads. Started with a passion for serving delicious, fast and affordable Indian food, all of Tarka’s menus are available for under $ 10. Plus, this extends to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu items. These are then served in a modern and relaxing atmosphere with exceptional customer service. As such, Tarka has been popular with Texans ever since and has never failed in its commitment to serving fresh and healthy Indian cuisine.

Indian curries, kebabs and more


Address: 427 TX-1604 Loop Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78232
Telephone: 210-499-0982


“The employees were very nice and the service was very good. Plus their seasoning was pickled and complemented, the food was really good. Surprisingly, my leftovers tasted even better the next day. – Liza Sly



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