TCC optimistic on outlook as foreign tourists prepare to arrive



The President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Sanan Angubolkul

Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) Chairman Sanan Angubolkul feels optimistic about the country’s economic outlook after the government announced on June 16 its intention to reopen the country to international tourists and return to normal trading conditions within 120 days or by mid-October.

He predicted that the reopening would help attract foreign tourists to the country and boost the country’s economy by 0.3 percentage points this year.

Speaking at a seminar titled “Empowering Thailand 2021,” Sanan said reopening the country would allow the tourism sector to resume operations and attract international tourists, resulting in spending of around $ 50. to 100 billion baht between October and December of this year.

“Spending by international tourists is likely to boost Thailand’s economic growth by 0.3% to 0.8-2.3% this year, up from 0.5-2.0% previously projected by the Joint Standing Committee on Trade, l ‘industry and banking (JSCCIB), “Sanan said. . “Reopening the country will help Thailand rehabilitate the national economy faster, as tourists no longer travel only on weekends as they can now work from anywhere.”

Sanan also suggested that the government step up the promotion of tourism to new areas in various provinces, citing a trend of international tourists wishing to stay in Thailand longer than expected.

Thailand is currently in a rehabilitation period, Sanan said, and the 120-day target to reopen the country will help build confidence in the business sector and financial institutions, which are now starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. .

Sanan also urged the government to speed up the rollout of hotel assistance measures, citing huge damage if others were to remain closed.

“Currently around 38% of the hotel industry is still functioning, with over 40% partially open and the rest already closed. Rapid assistance is therefore desperately needed,” he said.

According to Sanan, the CTC itself is also seeking solutions to help members who have been unable to access funding due to regulatory barriers.

“I think the most important thing is that we have faith,” he said. “Once our leader dares to make a decision, we, the private sector, are always ready to push and build confidence,” Sanan said.

According to Sanan, the TCC is expected to convene tomorrow a joint meeting with TCC members in the provinces of the country and later a meeting with 25 chambers of commerce, trade ambassadors and foreign consulates to prepare for the reopening of the country, stressing that the sector tourism will be the star that will drive Thailand’s economic recovery.



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