SlyFox cocktail bar sneaks into Rue Van Buren


Andrew Logman quietly opened the SlyFox Cocktail Bar, 1692 N. Van Buren St., during the Brady Street Festival nearly two weekends ago. The space, which previously housed The Truck Stop, is now adjacent to Sticky Rice which also recently welcomed the public.


“It was a soft opening, to bring people in and let them know we’re a thing,” says co-owner manager Logman, who is originally from Whitefish Bay.

SlyFox’s goal is to provide a chill-out space with handcrafted seasonal cocktails and mocktails, as well as a strong selection of beers and wines.



Standout cocktails include a Watermelon Cooler, a “Sly Tai” served in a tiki box glass, an NA pistachio lemonade, and a Sazerac-style NOLA Spritz. Logman says they will be building the spritz section of the menu in the near future.

“And we still hope to have High Life at our fingertips,” says Logman.

Guests are welcome to dine at neighboring Sticky Rice or bring their cocktails to the traditional Lao and Thai restaurant.

Decor is clean and simple with a green, black, and gold color scheme and a retro feel. Vintage gilt mirrors adorn the walls and sofas. chairs and bar stools are upholstered in forest green velvet.



“We’re a respite from some of the wilder bars on Brady Street,” says Logman. “We always welcome young people going out to party, but also people my age – 35+ – who like to go out but don’t want to be in a crowded environment.”

There is no sign in front of the living room, just a neon green fox.

“We stay sneaky, if you will,” Logman says.


The name is a nod to Martin Van Buren, the 8th President of the United States whose political nickname was “Sly Fox”.

This is Logman’s first time owning a bar, but he has 12 years of service industry experience under his belt. Its bartenders are also seasoned professionals.

“We have fun playing with cocktails. We favor infusions and work with fresh ingredients. We’ve all been here so long that we’re only interested in the things that interest us,” he says. “Our goal is to be a fun cocktail bar for everyone with a laid back vibe. You can come here before or after dinner at The Diplomat or Sanford or stop in a T-shirt for a beer.”


SlyFox is open Wednesday through Friday from 4 p.m. to midnight and Saturday from 1 p.m. to bar time.


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