SL receives donation of blood bags and Filgrastim


Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Thalassemia Research Program of the Thalassemia Foundation Committee and Chairman of ATGenes Co., Ltd., Prof. Vip Viprakasit, donated 5,000 triple blood bags and 750 bottles of Filgrastim worth 1,173,790 million Thai Baht to Sri The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to UNESCAP, CA Chaminda I. Colonne, at the Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Bangkok on July 6.

On behalf of the Sri Lankan government, Ambassador Colonne thanked Professor Viprakasit and his team for making the donation of much needed blood bags a success by working hard since receiving the request from the Sri Lankan government.

The Ambassador said that the Sri Lankan government always recognizes with great appreciation the services rendered by the Thalassemia Foundation of Thailand to humanity without borders, including Sri Lanka. She expressed her gratitude to Princess Soamsawali, for her sponsorship of the Thalassemia Foundation of Thailand as well as for her generosity.

The Ambassador also thanked the Siam Bioscience Group for donating additional medical supplies for the people of Sri Lanka.

Prof. Viprakasit recalled the longstanding excellent relations between Thailand and Sri Lanka based on Theravada Buddhist values. While emphasizing the Thailand Thalassemia Foundation’s close relationship with the Sri Lanka Thalassemia Center and its director, Prof. Anuja Premawardena, Prof. Viprakasit identified the donation as a gift from the people of Thailand to the people of Sri Lanka, proving the proverb “A friend in action, is a friend in need.” The Thalassemia Foundation of Thailand was established by a group of hematologists, nurses, medical technologists, scientists, parents and thalassemia patients on 24 July 1989.

The Ambassador’s invitation to invest in the pharmaceutical industry in Sri Lanka was warmly accepted by Managing Director Thawatchai Pisetkul of Apexcela Co. Ltd. of the Siam Bioscience group. Siam Bioscience Co., Ltd., the first and only biopharmaceutical manufacturer in Thailand, was founded in 2009 to preserve and continue what the late King Rama IX started in the name of the health and well-being of the people. Thai.

Vice President Saipin Phaholyothin of Thalesemia Foundation, Associate Professor Aree Thayananuphat of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University and Vice President of ATGenes Co., Ltd. COO Passaree Tanphaichitr of ATGenes Co., Ltd. and Director Director Thawatchai Pisetkul of ApexcelaCo., Ltd. was present.


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