Palm Harbor Golf Course Could Become Home to Loopers Restaurant


Palm Coast has tentatively selected a new restaurant for the Palm Harbor golf course after city negotiations to extend The Green Lion broken lease.

Palm Coast selected Jamie Bourdeau, who runs the Beach Front Grille at 2444 S. Ocean Shore Blvd., in Flagler Beach, Mayor David Alfin said in a phone interview.

“He’s going to bring his experience and his supporters,” Alfin said of Bourdeau. “He has a huge following in the community. He is much appreciated.

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The city will now broker a deal with Bourdeau to operate the restaurant in part of a triple-wide trailer at the city’s Palm Harbor Golf Course. The trailer, which has a deck, also contains the golf course clubhouse.

Palm Harbor Golf Course’s new restaurant will be nicknamed “Loopers”

The new restaurant will be called “Loopers,” which Alfin says is a term for golf caddies.

Alfin, who was once an associate at a Flagler Beach restaurant, said Bourdeau was a good choice.

“I think sometimes the stars align, and I think they aligned correctly in this case,” Alfin said.

Once city staff reach a deal with Bourdeau, city council must approve it, Brittany Kershaw, the city’s director of communications and marketing, wrote in an email.

The Green Lion’s contract with the city ends Jan. 15, Kershaw wrote.

The RFP was due September 15; at that time, the city received “two notifications of intent to bid,” but no full package, Kershaw wrote. She wrote to the city and then extended the deadline to September 29.

Loopers beat a proposal from Bounseng Lodbansa, owner of Thai & I at 603 N. State St. in Bunnell.

Lodbansa offered to offer a “traditional breakfast,” including omelettes, eggs with bacon and sausage, burritos and pancakes at the Palm Harbor Golf Course restaurant, then serve Thai dishes for lunch and dinner.

The deadline for any bid protests was Thursday and none were filed, Kershaw wrote.

“Influenced by American cuisine”

Besides Bourdeau, who could not be reached for comment, Loopers’ proposal lists Dudley Shaw as co-owner and says he has more than 10 years experience in the restaurant business.

According to Bourdeau’s proposal, the Loopers would serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and could accommodate around 40 people inside and 48 on the outside deck. The restaurant would offer “an American-influenced menu” with weekly dinner specials of “fresh fish, prime rib and barbecue options.”

Bourdeau’s response to the city included a menu and price proposal.

The Loopers will have a full bar with cocktails like the John Daly, a mix of vodka, freshly brewed iced tea and lemonade for $9 and the Palm Harbor Bloody Mary, with vodka, Bloody Mary mix and others ingredients for $10, as per the proposal.

Menu items include breakfast burrito with breakfast potatoes for $11.99, chicken tenderloin appetizer with choice of sauce for $9.99, three-tier club for $12.49, Florentine wrap with chicken for $12.99, a melty patty for $14.99, and a cheeseburger for $13.99, the stated proposition.

Dinner menu items include rib eye for $26.99 and crab-stuffed haddock for $26.99. A chicken Caesar salad will sell for $13.99, according to the proposal.

Sandwiches and wraps come with a choice of sides, such as fries, homemade chips or coleslaw. Dinner entrees would be served with soup or salad and a choice of baked potato, vegetable, wild rice or fries. The kids’ menu would include a burger for $5.99.

Loopers would like to have beverage cart attendants who would provide food and beverages to golfers on the course, according to the proposal, which also states that Loopers would provide the golf cart and any required maintenance.

Tony Marlow, second from left, Carolyn Marlow, third from left, Christopher Marlow, second from right and their lawyer, John Ferguson from right, listen to Palm Coast City Council on Tuesday.  The Marlows own the Green Lion in Palm Coast and the Golden Lion in Flagler Beach.

Negotiations fail between Palm Coast and Green Lion

The Green Lion, which is owned by the Marlow family, had originally wanted to extend its five-year deal to run the golf course restaurant for another five years.

The Marlows also own the popular Golden Lion at Flagler Beach.

The talks began to break down at a city council workshop in February when some council members were upset that the Green Lion was only paying $600 a month in rent while the city was paying utility bills, including the water bill about $2,000 per month and electric bill about $1,500 per month in the shared trailer that doubled as a clubhouse.

It looked like the Green Lion and the city would work out their differences after scores of supporters called a city council meeting in February and spoke for about two hours urging the city to keep the Green Lion on the golf course.

And while the Marlows made concessions, agreeing to pay $2,000 a month in rent, both parties hung on to the water bill.

The city wanted the Marlows to pay half the water bill. The Marlows pointed to a real estate analysis which they said showed they had already agreed to a fair price before the city increased it by asking for extra money for water.

Then, at a meeting in June, Tony Marlow, one of the owners, called the city council “crooks” and walked out of the rooms. Another sore point was that Alfin had limited the Marlows to three minutes each of speaking time even though the Green Lion was on the agenda.

Alfin said the Marlows had limited time because it was a presentation by city staff and the city had already been in negotiations with the Marlows for 18 months.

In July, the city council decided to end negotiations with the Marlows and asked the others to pitch. The Marlows could also submit a proposal, the city council decided. They do not have.

When reached on Friday, Chris Marlow declined to comment for this story.

Alfin said he anticipated a good relationship with Bourdeau, whom he described as “a real people person”.

Said Alfin: “I would expect the relationship to be very fruitful and beneficial to golfers.”


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