Iran and Thailand emphasize the development of trade and economic cooperation.


Thailand’s Ambassador to Iran, Worawoot Pang Prapapant, met and held talks with the head of the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization (TPOI), Alireza Payman-Pak, at the organization’s headquarters in Tehran on Monday evening .

During the meeting, the head of the TPOI said that his organization is ready to hold a joint Iran-Thailand economic cooperation commission and stressed that this economic commission will greatly contribute to developing trade relations between the two countries, Iran and Thailand.

The two countries, Iran and Thailand, have strong capabilities that can optimally boost trade and economic cooperation, Payman-Pak said, adding that planning to send trade delegations and creating a working group to address the relevant issues should be seriously considered between the officials of the two countries.

He went on to say that the barter deal is one of the methods of developing trade activities between the two countries, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is currently cooperating with the countries of Russia, India, Bulgaria, Oman and Pakistan using the online barter agreement with the strengthening of bilateral trade.

Thailand’s Ambassador to Iran, for his part, welcomed Iran’s proposal to hold a joint economic cooperation commission between the two countries and said that holding a joint economic cooperation commission will significantly contribute. to stimulate bilateral trade.



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