International dining options take off at the Sky Deck


Just over a year ago, the local culinary scene in Del Mar soared to new heights when Downtown Del Mar Highlands transformed a space above Jimbo Market into Sky Deck, a consortium of nine “curated culinary destinations,” plus a central cocktail bar and Brewer’s Deck with three local craft beer and kombucha makers.

Industrial with a coastal and maritime decor, the venue began welcoming guests in June 2021. Sunset views can be enjoyed from the rooftop on a variety of food and drink options from Ambrogio 15, Craft House, Glass box, J at the Sky Deck, Kiin Extraordinary Thai, Le Parfait Paris, Marufuku Ramen, Understory, Zizikis Street Food and Urbana Mexican Gastronomy. The Brewer’s Deck includes Boochcraft, Northern Pine Brewing and Rough Draft Brewing Co.

To Glass box, an Asian coastal-inspired restaurant and bar, chef and owner Ethan Yang said he wanted to contribute to the community by creating a “memorable and seamless dining experience” housed in a glass-encased setting. There, visitors can choose from Yakitori, Omakase, sushi and other options.

The restaurant will feature a Domenica Fiore Olive Oil Dinner, with a five-course meal accompanied by olive oil cocktails on Tuesday, September 13.

“The beauty of taste and artistry are synonymous, and we want to make sure our customers experience both,” said Yang, a third-generation restaurateur.

The understory bar in the center of the Sky Deck serves cocktails, wines, spirits and seasonal beers on tap. Inspired by the film “Inception” (2010), the partners – Scott Slater (Slater’s 50/50), Thai Slater, Guillaume Ryon and Ludi Ryon – imagined a unique world embodying the layer of the forest between the canopy and the forest floor where “life prospers”.

The Sky Deck is located at 12925 El Camino Real. Hours vary by restaurant.


Roxanna Becceril is a freelance writer.


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