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A photo of an avid Thai man toasting buns at a roadside food store has gone viral, gaining nearly 8,000 shares on Facebook.

In the photo, four customers were seen staring at a muscular-looking man with a tattoo on his right chest as he toasted buns.

One commentator teased one of the ladies waiting for her food, pointing out that she must really want a bun on the spot.

While another said: “It looks like everyone is very hungry.

A few other commentators joked that they too were “hungry” after looking at the guy in the photo.

However, one user pointed out how unfair it was for women to be able to watch men, but the reverse would not be appropriate.

Who is he?

The man in question is known as Wonsakong Pintakeaw on Facebook.

According to his Facebook bio, Wonsakong is a certified personal trainer. He is also in a relationship, unfortunately for those who took him so much by his photos.

Image via Wonsakong Pintakeaw / FB.

Additionally, Wonsakong is a performance artist at Thais, an arts agency that showcases Thai culture through artistic events and productions.

Image via Wonsakong Pintakeaw / FB. In a video posted by the Thai news and media site, Thairath, Wonsakong explained that the store is owned by his sister.

He adds that he doesn’t work in the store every day, but sometimes comes to help.

In the video, Wonsakong introduces viewers to a catering station and gives them a taste of how he makes toast on a stick.

Towards the end of the video, he takes off his shirt and continues to cook.

Her sister’s store is called Cafe PRAE in Chang Rai, Thailand.

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Top image via คน แชร์ ก็ สวย and Wonsakong Pintakeaw / FB.



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