From Bali to Belize, the idyllic vacation destinations to which it is easy to emigrate


It’s that time of year when dreaming of fleeing to sunnier climes for an extended period of time takes on new intensity. And this winter, the idea of ​​decamping abroad is more tempting than ever: dark nights are setting in, but no one wants to turn on the heating, and celebrity chefs are teaching us how to use our microwaves. Yes, a second home on an island paradise (or really anywhere else) would be welcome.

It’s a good time, then, that Bali has just made it easier to fulfill the fantasy with a new “beach house visa” program that automatically gives those who invest in property on the island residency for 10 years. Of course, there are certain conditions to the generous offer. To be eligible for the ten-year visa, visitors must present proof that they have at least $129,000 (£112,000) in their bank account to spend on a property in Indonesia, plus a validity of three years on their passport. Yet this is not the level of investment required by some countries.

And Bali isn’t the only attractive destination trying to attract expats and boost their pandemic-ridden economies. In Europe, Portugal has become something of a haven for international Bitcoin barons thanks to its remote work visas and tax rules, while further afield Thailand and Ecuador are making it easier for would-be residents to work alongside classic business centers of Dubai and Singapore. Meanwhile, the Costa del Sol may soon have competition as Belize’s English-speaking lobby to become the choice of British pensioners.

Here we round up eight destinations to which itIt’s surprisingly easy to get around (although a healthy bank balance always helps) and the unique attractions of each.


Indulge your ‘Eat Pray Love’ fantasy in the spiritual heart of the island, sign up for a yoga retreat, party with rambunctious Aussies or just relax on the beach – Bali certainly has a considerable appeal and no doubt many will clamor to take advantage of its new visa program.


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