Food vendors attack a foreign tourist who dined and rushed in Pattaya, Thailand


A violent fight broke out between a group of food vendors and a foreign tourist who allegedly failed to pay for his meal on Pattaya Walking Street, Nong Phru Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District at 4:30 a.m. yesterday .

The ‘European tourist’ – whose name and nationality are unknown – allegedly ate at a Thai woman’s food stall and left without paying, so the woman asked him if he wanted to fight.

CH3 the news reports that another food vendor – a Thai man around 180cm wearing a black shirt – jumped up and “kicked” the stranger. The tourist fled, but the woman and her gang of food vendors chased him down Walking Street.

The fight quickly escalated and the Thai man was on the ground, so another Thai man in a red shirt grabbed a metal chair and hit the stranger with it. The tourist also grabbed a chair and kicked the men back.

By this point, the fight had drawn a crowd of late-night revelers from Waking Street. A “good citizen” intervened and snatched the chairs from both sides. The citizen was able to calm the fight and calm everyone down.

Although the food vendor didn’t get his money, the group decided it wasn’t worth the fight and walked away from the stranger. The two parties separated.

Local witnesses say the brawl not only paints a bad image of Thai food vendors and foreign tourists, but also of Pattaya in general. Witnesses said Pattaya did not live up to its reputation as a “world-class tourist destination”.



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