DTAC sees mobility data collection as a boon for tourism


Micro-tourism will encourage local SME operators to create and integrate tourism activities into the process of producing goods and services. Their target tourists are neighboring neighborhoods.

Experience-based night tourism aims to increase overnight stays, and a tourism cluster is a group of highlighted tourist attractions in a limited geographical space that is equipped with high-quality amenities and services.

Nattapong noted that each of the 55 sub-provinces has its own strengths and potential to attract more tourists. They need to be able to access this type of data in order to understand how tourists behave when spending time in each province so that they can plan and add more services and activities to make the visit more attractive.

“Mobile data lets you know who you are, what you have and how to use what you already have to reap benefits; it’s a worthwhile investment; it’s a low investment but a high impact return” , Nattapong said.

He expects more joint research on the use of mobility data to be carried out in order to find the best solutions to other social and economic problems.

the general secretary of ONDE, Putchapong Nodthaisong, said data is the foundation of the digital economy. Data in digital form provides many benefits that allow the government to deal more effectively with social issues, such as water irrigation, city road traffic, and disaster management.

DTAC Communications and Sustainability Manager, On-uma Rerkpattanapipat, said the study was conducted because DTAC wants to find the best way to use the data to benefit the more than 10 million users in their database.

She insisted that all data would be used strictly under personal data protection in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The full report of the study will be released in October, she added.

Mobility data will help researchers fully understand travel patterns and concentration of tourists, advance academic research methodology and find solutions to other challenges, Mehrotra said.


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