Divyanka Tripathis’ Thai indulgence will have you drooling; View the photo


Thai cuisine is well known around the world for its strong aroma and pungent flavors. The variety of Thai cuisine is so vast that you will never tire of these fiery flavors. If there are many things to savor in this cuisine, the raw papaya salad has won many hearts! And it seems that Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya loves the taste of this salad too! Time and time again, Divyanka Tripathi has proven her love for food. Her social media often features various indulgences from different cuisines. This time around, Divyanka was seen eating a delicious raw papaya salad, and she looks so delicious that she’ll make you hungry for some of that goodness.

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Divyanka Tripathi took to Instagram to share her delicious salad. In the short video, you can see a person serving some of the raw papaya salad on their plate. Then she politely thanked him for helping her. In the story, she also wrote “#RawPapaya Salad”. Take a look at his full story below:

Doesn’t it look delicious!? Well, Divyanka Tripathi’s delicious Thai salad made us crave these delights. And if you want to have it too, we have just the recipe for you to do it. This dish is a mix of sour, hot, sweet and spicy flavors. Plus, it gets even tastier when topped with crunchy peanuts! This salad recipe is easy to make and you can have it any day! Take a look at the recipe below:

Raw papaya salad recipe: here’s how to make raw papaya salad

Take a raw papaya and seed it. Then peel it into thin slices. Crush the garlic with a pestle, then add the long beans, tomatoes and chillies and pound a few times to release the juice. Dissolve the sugar, lime juice and fish sauce in a separate cup. Now combine all the ingredients and mix. Serve it and enjoy!

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For the full recipe for this delicious raw papaya salad, click here.

Try this delight and let us know how you found its taste.


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