Credit with instant approval and immediate payment

A quick credit slogan does not mean that the loan payment really appears immediately on the account statement. Promoting an instant and instant loan can lead to loan offers that are paid out within 48 hours. But unfortunately also for offers that “warm up” only a few days before starting.

We want you to choose the loan offer that suits you best. We support you with information on how you can recognize really fast credit procedures and offers that match your personal credit rating.

Credit with instant approval and immediate payment – regular online credit

Credit with instant approval and immediate payment - regular online credit

A loan with an instant commitment and an immediate payment is required if you are in a particular hurry to receive the loan. The immediate approval creates planning security, the immediate payment ensures that the money quickly goes to the recipient. A number of different factors are decisive for how quickly lending actually works.

In addition to the personal creditworthiness for lending, the application process, the choice of provider and the loan amount play recognizable roles. Regular credit institutions offer the fastest credit procedures to applicants with good credit ratings. The required loan would be applied for via a free loan comparison. Regular credit comparisons provide an overview of the market and lead to direct applications to the bank.

If you really want it to be quick, only credit providers who offer Videoident for ID verification can be considered. Choosing Post-ID inevitably leads to avoidable delays. Anyone with video telephony is welcome to apply for the loan with instant approval and immediate payment via video identifier. A simple smartphone is enough to use the fast service.

Fast online credit – how does the application process work?

Fast online credit - how does the application process work?

With a click of the mouse, the loan comparison leads the applicant directly to the desired bank. The loan application can be completed within a few minutes. The program makes the non-binding immediate commitment in real time, immediately after submitting the application. The non-binding preliminary credit check only provides planning security if the score meets the requirements.

The bank will only check whether this is actually the case when the application has been made legally binding. How fast it depends on the type of ID check. If a videoident has been requested, the call back for ID verification and review of the documents to be submitted can be made within approximately 30 minutes. The ID card and the documents mentioned in the instant confirmation should be ready.

Subsequently, all legal requirements are met so that the requested bank can check the loan with immediate approval and immediate payment. If a small loan of up to around USD 5000 was requested, the credit check usually runs automatically. A program collects the scoring data, compares it with the credit requirements and makes the loan decision. People are increasingly only taking on control tasks.

You check that the entered application data matches the uploaded documents. It is then released and the process continues at electronic speed. The program sets up the credit account. It “fills” the credit account with the requested amount and releases the money for the subsequent booking run for payment. On average, a credit process takes between 24 hours and 48 hours, from application to payment.

Immediate loan with immediate payment – application via intermediary

Immediate loan with immediate payment - application via intermediary

Credit brokers often advertise with offers to provide a loan with immediate approval and immediate payment. Advertising is primarily addressed to people whose creditworthiness does not allow an automatic credit decision to be made using the private credit checker score. The credit procedure only looks the same, until the loan application. Inadequacies for a possibly offered immediate approval in real time would be inevitable.

The preliminary test is carried out by the intermediary’s test program. – The problem with borderline cases is that the intermediary does not grant the loan of his choice. His program can only check “in general”. In spite of an immediate commitment, the planning security must not be considered too high. There would also be a time delay in the mandatory credit check by the provider. Installment loans with poor credit ratings are mostly checked manually.

No processor can make decisions at the speed of light, like the computer’s processor. The bottom line is that the requested instant loan with immediate payment – with poor creditworthiness – is not faster than any installment loan from the same lender. Only the credit name in advertising sounds faster. Incidentally, all approved loans, including risk loans, are usually paid out within one booking day.

Fast credit despite private credit checker – immediate payment

Fast credit despite private credit checker - immediate payment

It is not always a matter of eyecatcher if, despite bad private credit checker, a loan with immediate approval and immediate payment is advertised. The big exception that allows a quick credit procedure despite poor or even negative creditworthiness would be mini credit. For people with a negative private credit checker, the mini loan like Vexcash, xpresscredit or Cashper offers almost a overdraft facility.

The short term and the small credit volume allow the loan application with low entry requirements as well as a credit check at the express rate. For example, Vexcash also offers the application in connection with Videoident. So even for first-time applicants there is a realistic chance that the loan application and payment will be made on the same day.

For the first application, 100 to 500 USD with a term of 30 days should be requested. Small loans with fast acceptance and instant disbursement for existing customers become really quick and flexible. After the first successful credit transaction, Vexcash unlocks the credit option for credit application, credit check and payment within 30 minutes. If the creditworthiness is sufficient, a credit volume of up to USD 3000 with a 6-month term would also be possible.


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