Aroy Ver Thai Street Food Truck Raises ‘Worth A Visit’ Rating Near The Pearl In San Antonio With Killer Dumplings, Grilled Pork



Like so many restaurant workers at the height of the pandemic, Pear Chaisitthisinsuk found herself distraught last year. With reduced hours at the Thai place where she worked and no sure way to replace lost income, she stayed at home and dived into the kitchen. All day, every day, a party with no outlet to share what she’s done.

The flash moment came at the end of last year: “I love to cook,” she said. “Why don’t I start doing something on my own?” The next day, I met the manufacturer of the trailer.

From that encounter came the inspiration for Aroy Ver, a trailer specializing in food from Chaisitthisinsuk’s native Thailand. Aroy Ver, roughly “very delicious” in Thai, opened in February and moved in August to a regular location just north of the Pearl on Broadway News, which already houses two “worth seeing” food trucks. from this series: Carnitas Don Raúl and Monsieur Diablo.

Aroy Ver fits perfectly.

Best dish: The sweet caramelized frosting of the grilled and marinated pork on a stick, paired with the crisp salty vinegar of the nam jim jaew sauce, made moo ping skewers ($ 12) the perfect entry point to the Aroy Ver plus experience. large.

Other dishes: Chaisitthisinsuk calls what she does Thai street food, which is why you won’t find the usual list of pad thai and tom kha gai soup. Instead, there’s a sweet and lush sweet pork stew called moo wan ($ 11) and a Thai omelet called khai jiao ($ 9) with whorls and ridges like a topographic map from breakfast to lunch. halfway around the world.

To stir nostalgia for the Capri Sun generation, Aroy Ver packs their milky-sweet Thai tea ($ 4) in a sealed, chilled pouch with a pointed-tipped straw for piercing.

Spin Spin Tato is a deep-fried spiral-cut potato sprinkled with tom yum and cheese spice powders at Aroy Ver, a Thai food trailer parked on Broadway north of The Pearl on Broadway News.

Mike Sutter / Staff

Fried Potatoes speak the universal language of outdoor festival food, and Aroy Ver’s Spin Spin Tato ($ 3.50) took him to a higher place with a perfect spiral spud mounted on a stick and crispy fried where it should be, soft everywhere else, sprinkled with an awesome mix of spicy and sour tom yum and cheesy spice powders.

Even a standard Thai papaya salad has been overhauled, its crispy slices of papaya, carrot and peanuts served in a plastic cup meant to be shaken with a small cup of tangy Thai dressing for an invigorating salad made to order ($ 8) .

For added convenience and less street food bravado, Aroy Ver came up with fortifying fried khao pad rice ($ 11) loaded with tender white meat chicken. The Bouncy Aroy Bomb pork dumplings came with a cilantro and green onion cover ($ 9) and a quartet of cigar-sized crispy fried spring rolls ($ 5) were filled with glass noodles , ground chicken and a homemade sweet chili sauce that I would pour over pancakes.

Site: 2202 Broadway at Broadway News, 210-907-9231, Facebook: @aroyverthefoodtruck

Hours: 11 am-5pm or full from Wednesday to Sunday

Take out / delivery: Covered picnic table, take-out, and third-party delivery available

Speaking of something sweet, Aroy Ver showed mastery of a Thai classic with a simple mango sticky rice ($ 5) and brought a touch of whimsy with little bears made from coconut milk and gelatin ($ 5).

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