Credit and the dark side of banks

When you need credit , you can go first to your parents, partner, or close friends, because you know that the amount you borrow will have no interest or the rate charged will be lower than that charged by banks. But when has no one to turn to but the bank?   Credit? Keep an […]

Lenders or microcredits: differences

Generally, financial matters can be handled with the monthly salary; however, unforeseen circumstances that require financial assistance may arise. In this sense, there are a large number of options to solve these monetary setbacks: banks, microcredit entities, lenders … In addition to the classic financial system are private lenders. Both have great differences in terms […]

All the credits of the organization under the microscope.

Yoabank is the French leader in the consumer credit market. Since 2010, their product range has expanded with savings and insurance products. Over the past few years, the company has carried out a lot of awareness-raising activities on the benefits of consumer credit and has committed to managing “responsible credit”. Yoabank is very present in […]