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Good Finance remedies its financial problems, develops credit offers with surgical precision, or prescribes home-based medicine for therapeutic purposes. An editorial over at Ask your credit counselor about risks and side effects! Let’s examine your options! When we go to the hospital for a doctor , we are expected to, after a thorough examination, […]

How to use a credit card well?

Your credit card can become a good business or a bad business. It is a matter of the handling you give it. Are you sure you do well? How to use a credit card well? I still remember the day my first credit card was delivered. I felt adult and millionaire. I bought clothes, jewelry […]

What happens if life insurance has no beneficiaries?

When hiring life insurance, a more logical option is to designate a beneficiary, the person or persons who will receive the economic benefit if the death of the holder occurs. We can choose any person, it does not need to be a relative and it is not forever, we can change it at any time. […]